Medulloblastoma Survival Rate and Prognosis

While medulloblastoma tumors are malignant (cancerous), they can be treated. Survival rates vary based on a number of factors, including:

  • The type of medulloblastoma that is diagnosed
  • How much of the tumor is able to be removed
  • Age at diagnosis
  • How well the person responds to treatment

The relative survival rate for medulloblastoma is 80%. That means 80% of people who have medulloblastoma are still living at least five years after diagnosis.

Chance of survival is higher if the tumor has not spread to other parts of the brain and spinal cord.

Prognosis refers to the chance of recovery after an illness. The different subtypes of medulloblastoma have the following prognoses:


5-year Survival Rate

Chance of Metastasis

WNT >90% Very Rare
SHH 75% Rare
Group 3

Infants: 45%
Children: 58%

Group 4

Standard-risk: >80%
High-risk: 60%


Five-year survival is close to zero in the 30% of people who experience medulloblastoma recurrence.

Long-Term Effects of Medulloblastoma and Medulloblastoma Treatment

Many of the long-term side effects of medulloblastoma stem from its treatments, including the surgery to remove the tumor, radiation and chemotherapy. Quality of life for long-term survivors is a major issue. Many children experience significant neurologic and cognitive aftereffects, meaning difficulties with brain function and how they think.

Long-term side effects can include:

  • Posterior fossa syndrome
  • Hearing loss that may require hearing aids
  • Physical growth and development problems
  • Secondary tumors
  • Cognitive effects that can include memory, thinking, attention, and learning difficulties/disabilities
  • Psychosocial effects such as poor academic performance, unemployment, and poor community integration
  • Potential fertility issues
  • And more...

The younger a child is at diagnosis, the more difficulties they tend to have cognitively as they grow.

While some survivors of medulloblastoma need lifelong economic and social support, others go on to live full, productive lives.