A Cure for Medulloblastoma

Medulloblastoma is a primary central nervous system (CNS) tumor that is fast growing. It usually appears as a solid mass in the cerebellum between the brain and brain stem.  It originates in the spinal cord or brain and is classified as a grade IV cancer.  It is an embryonal neuroepithelial tumor because it forms in fetal cells that remain after birth.

Radiotherapy tends to be a first treatment for patients diagnosed with medulloblastoma but this initial treatment may also be supplemented with chemotherapy.

Recent research has focused on certain molecular subtypes in the pursuit of different therapeutic options.  By identifying the characteristics of medulloblastoma better, more research can be focused on clinical trials for both adult and childhood patients.

While there are some viable treatments for medulloblastoma, there is still no cure. However, The Cure Starts Now and other partner organizations are vested in finding not just the cure for medulloblastoma, but the Homerun Cure™ for all cancers. With over $23 million of pediatric brain cancer research collectively funded, these organizations are laser focused and fueled by their own children's battles with brain cancer.

The Homerun Strategy

The Cure Starts Now and believes that in order to find a cure for all cancer you need to focus on the rarest and most aggressive cancers. To combat cancer they have identified four main concentrations at the core of their research funding:

  1. Informational/Basic: The collection of data to understand how tumors develop
  2. Translational: Early stage research (mouse modeling, test tube experiments, etc.)
  3. Clinical: The research that treats patients currently diagnosed
  4. Delivery: The development of strategies to get treatment to the tumor cells

Learn more about Medulloblastoma research strategies.

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